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I seem to always find myself back at livejournal when I'm supposed to be doing something important.

either back at livejournal or making endless cups of tea

I'm meant to be writing the proposal for my book about DC superhero's.Actually I'm meant to have written it and be writing the book by now.

I'm not though I'm hiding here where the person who is expecting it from me cant see that I am seceretly writing something else.something badly punctuated and misspelt.

I've been reading a lot of books about superheros to help me write my book.I'm not stealing from them.I just dont want to accidently have a book the same as somebody else's.I recently read The Great Comic Book Heroes by Jules Feiffer its pretty amazing although I disagree with him on some points.The book/essay is from 1965 though so its all pre crisis so essentially he is talking about different superhero's than me.If you like superheros you should read it.Its an argument against Dr Wertham's "Seduction Of The Innocent" some of its really funny and its all very heartfelt and autobiographical a brilliant book.

Its my birthday next week.I will be 21.So Im going to celebrate my first legal drink watching The Mountain Goats at the Troubador in LA on my actual birthday.The perfect present to myself.hooray.

The last time I saw The Mountain Goats play was at Union Chapel in Islington about a year ago.

I'd forgotten that when I was drunk on The Hold Steady tour in the US that I'd told John I'd sing "The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton" with him at the show.When John asked mid-set "Is my man Eddie in the house?" the memory of the promise came zooming back nearly giving me a heart attack.I love the Mountain Goats and that song but I have trouble enough remembering my own lyrics.If I'd remembered my promise I'd have spent all day playing the song over and over but I'd forgotten so I hadnt.I think John mistook my pleads of "no I'd forgotten that I promised" as modesty on my part and insisted I come up and be his Bez.It was very much like an anxiety dream I sometimes have about being on stage in front of a lot of people and not knowing the words to a song.As that is exactly what was happening.I wasn't going to be Bez though.I muddled through dropping back and letting John do most the singing, joining in as I knew bits.I love that song and if I hadnt been in such a surreal state of shock I probably would have been fine.Im very glad John did insist though as singing a song onstage with one of your favourite bands is an opportunity that doesn't come along that often,if ever.

My plan on my birthday is to find John and get him so drunk that he is A)Pliable enough to be talked into promising to sing an Art Brut song next time he is somewhere near where we are playing and B) Going to forget that promise in the morning.

I'm also going to do the same to Peter.

I'm not doing that to be mean or as revenge.I had an exhilirating time.Its scary suddenly remembering a drunken promise and being obliged to fulfill it in front of a large audiance and very satisfying when you dont massively cock it up.I want them to share that experience.

Thats my brain cells warmed up.Im going to get back to my proposal.

After one more cup of tea.
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